Before any study begins, you may have new members or you may just need a break from the norm.  This is where the social adds an element of connection and even family to your group.

How can you create the best possible social?

Here are four elements sure to engage everyone:


Whether it’s dinner out, a cook-out, ice cream, potluck, or themed hors d’oeuvres you found on Pinterest, food is sacred and is found when believers gather throughout the Bible.


People want to be in an environment with energy, with activity.  This may look like kids playing in the backyard, the slightly noisy crowd at a restaurant, playing a group game together, or even going on a picnic at a park with the natural activity all around.

PRO TIP: Bounce your ideas off some members first!

Relaxed timeframe

If you’re having any planned activities, keep those within the promoted times, but if you want people to feel like family, prep like family is coming…and don’t keep checking your watch!  Make the most of planned free time as a way to build relationships and, ultimately, trust.


By including others in the planning, prep, or potluck, you are increasing buy-in for attendance and a good time.  Make sure the event is theirs in as many ways as you (and they!) can imagine.

Happy socializing!