building up disciple makers in Garner/Clayton and beyond

Healthy Groups

Healthy Groups Love People Where They Are.

Boost your group’s love for one another with Radical Caring, watch below to see how it works.

Recommended Read:  Love Does by Bob Goff.


Healthy Groups Encourage members to Grow.

Boost your group’s ability to encourage one another to grow in their relationship with Jesus.  Ways we recommend are:

  • To get direction, do the Spiritual Health Assessment together.  (request booklets)
  • For a better foundation, do the Anchored Study together.
  • Accountability Partners:  Ask them to meet in pairs or triads for accountability partners for a period of time meeting regularly so they can take things to a more personal level.
  • Meet 1on1 with group members occasionally, asking them how their relationship with God and with others is going.  This is especially helpful in developing leaders.


Healthy Groups Reach their Community.


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