building up disciple makers in Garner/Clayton and beyond


I was 17 years old when I heard a Campbell college student share his story at a weekend retreat on Oak Island.  He shared that he grew up a good kid and believed in God but felt like God was far away.  Through a friend, he came to understand that God knew him better than anyone and wanted a close relationship.   He learned that he could talk to God and pray to Him directly, and that God would listen with great interest.  As he was sharing, I knew he was describing me and what was missing from my life.  I could see the distance between me and God and didn’t want it anymore.  I gave my life to Christ as a thankful follower who is not alone and is as close to God as I want to be.  I was brought near, and I was now an adopted child of God.

When God adopted me, I couldn’t contain my excitement for him.  I’ve had highs and lows, but I still want to pour out my life to him and for him.  Now I get to do that through Small Group Ministry at Hope Community Church, where I work to serve the dozens of leaders every day to advance the gospel!

If you feel far from God or this story has brought up questions for you, I would be honored to talk to you about it, just email me at

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