building up disciple makers in Garner/Clayton and beyond

Garner/Clayton Community


Do you live, learn, work, or play in the Garner/Clayton, NC area?

Join our community in owning the mission of loving people where they are and encouraging others to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  Let’s all roll up our sleeves and reach Garner/Clayton!

Here are some great ways you can join in the mission:

Be in a circle.  That’s right, join a small group.  It’s the best way to be connected for your own growth and the growth of others.  With over 20 groups in the Garner/Clayton area, you can easily find a small group here.

Help Small Group Ministry.  Small groups help people to learn what it means to follow Jesus and to invite others in a loving and encouraging environment.  Sound important?  It is!  There are several ways get involved, from office tasks to leadership. Raise your hand here.

Serve with Local Hope Garner/Clayton.  Organized opportunities are being planned for 2018, but this will take boots on the ground.  Ask how you can help meet physical & spiritual needs in our schools & community by emailing Tanya Stephens.

Get skills & experience at Raleigh Campus on the weekend.  By serving at our current campus, we are caring for the assembly while gaining the skills and experience needed to someday host a gathering in Garner/Clayton.  Take a step here.

Think outside the box.  What skills or resources can you contribute somehow?  Start the conversation by emailing Pastor Shaun.


Should we be building a church?

I encourage you to read this post about the difference between a church building and being the church!

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