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Small Groups

Though small groups can vary in size and focus, they may be the most effective adult ministry with the greatest level of reach inside and outside of the church.

Here are my answers to questions you may have about small groups:

Should every church member join a small group? 

Yes.  Wait, no, some should lead!

Should every small group be open to people who don’t attend church? 

Yes, we don’t limit groups to Hope attendees.

Should a small group have a band? 

No.  Definitely no.

Are small groups really just Bible studies?

We have found that small groups are best suited to love and encourage people to grow as a community that welcomes others in easily, allows the discussion to thrive no matter the maturity, and loves like a family.  Consequently, we have found that classes and personal study time are generally more suited for an individual knowing God through the word even better.

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